The rules for the perfect bartender

An excellent bartender is essential, the link in the chain, only a good hand can enhance the quality of an espresso.

An excellent bartender is essential, the link in the chain, only a good hand can enhance the quality of an espresso.
Not only does the bartender make our coffees but also he is also in control of all of the procedures, works on mixtures and checks the quality. Above all, the bartender, is the main character in a bar and the most important requisite is being able to interact with clients and communicate with everyone.
Today we will speak about the fundamental operations that the bartender has to carry out to achieve a good espresso and we are going to look into the rules for the perfect bartender. Let’s have a look.

1: The blend
The blending recipe is a true work of art, and the selection becomes a distinctive feature of the bar. The blending of the coffees are made up of different varieties which combined, produce different flavours and every single one of us perceive the characteristics of the blend through our senses and observing the appearance of the coffee in the cup. The blend which the bartender picks, for the clients, will be the one which satisfies him the most in taste and flavor and the look of the espresso in the cup, but don’t ever forget to take care of the quality of the coffee beans chosen for your perfect espresso!

2. Grinding
The grinder is a machine which transforms the beans in powder, and knowing how to regulate it is an important part of the process. The perfect bartender keeps records of the right grinding type adjusting the knob, carrying out tests and checking the weight: 7g for each coffee. Repeat these operations several times a day based on the change in humidity level, to achieve in every moment of the day, the righttype of powder.

3. The machines
The fundamental topics for the correct use of professional machines are: the temperature of the water and the pressure. To allow the machine to work properly it is important to always keep these values consistent not only in the busier periods but also but also in the quite ones.

4. The maintenance
The element that influences the performance in the cup is the correct maintenance and cleansing of all of the equipment. The conditions of the equipment in the bar contribute towards the quality and the taste of the espresso. From the filters to the filter holders, the showers and the water purification systems, everything needs daily cleaning care and maintenance.

5. The bartender’s hand

Obviously, beside the machines, we should not forget that the bartender’s hand is the main element to a good cup of espresso coffee. Like we have mentioned before, he has the job to select the blends, grind it properly and defining the right dosage. It
is his small gestures which make a perfect espresso.

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